Toronto Tx Fellows Martin Dib and Nicolas Goldaracena present at ASTS 2016 Winter Symposium

January 25, 2016

Dib MJ, Goldaracena N, Marquez M, Barbas A, Alotaiby N, Sapisochin G, Cattral MS, Lilly L, McGilvray I, Renner E, Greig PD, Ghanekar A, Selzner N, Selzner M, Grant DR.  Impact of ideal body weight vs. actual body weight on the prediction of small-for-size syndrome (SFSS) after living donor liver transplantation (LDLT).

Dib MJ, Goldaracena N, Marquez M, Barbas A, Sapisochin G, Selzner N, McGilvray I, Renner E, Greig PD, Lilly L, Ghanekar A, Cattral MS, Selzner M, Grant DR. Long-term outcomes after splenectomy for small-for-size syndrome SFSS in live donor liver transplantation (LDLT).

Goldaracena N, Echeverri J, Kaths M, Spetzler V, Selzner N, Grant D, Selzner M. Adding Anti-Inflammatory Agents During Normothermic Ex-Vivo Liver Perfusion Improves the Preservation of Pig Liver Grafts Before Transplantation.

Goldaracena N, Sapisochin G; Dib M, Barbas A, Selzner N, Cattral M S, Greig P D, Lilly L, McGilvray I D,  Levy G A; Ghanekar A, Renner E L; Grant D R,  Selzner M. Live Donor Liver Transplantation With Older Donors Only Impacts on a Late HCV Recurrence.