Toronto Fellowship Director, Dr. Sean Cleary, to Chair the ‘Multidisciplinary Liver Board’ at this year’s IHPBA Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil

April 14, 2016

2016 IHPBA - Dr. Cleary

Dr. Sean Cleary, Director of Toronto’s HPB Surgical Oncology Fellowship, will Chair the ‘Multidisciplinary Liver Board’ panel discussion at the AHPBA Annual Congress on Thursday, April 21. The panel will discuss a wide-range of topics  including NE mets to liver; how to approach an anatomically marginally resectable tumor; local-regional therapies for CRM (IR)HCC; and management of a post-op complication.


Dr. Cleary will also be participating in the ‘WHO-AHPBA-IHPBA Humanitarian Symposium’ special session discussion on Friday April 22.


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