Dr. Paul Greig, Inaugural Recipient of the Bryce R. Taylor Mentorship Award from The Department of Surgery, University of Toronto

May 9, 2017

At the Department of Surgery’s Annual Gallie Day Dinner, Dr. Paul Greig was announced as the recipient of the Bryce R. Taylor Mentorship Award. In his acceptance speech he acknowledged the remarkable contribution Dr. Taylor has made not only to his own personal and surgical growth, but also to the Department through his mentoring at all levels: students, residents, Fellows, junior staff and colleagues.

To highlight the importance of Mentorship as being a key contributor to a fulfilling academic career, the Department of Surgery has established the Bryce Taylor Mentorship Award in 2017 to recognize those faculty members who emulate the traits that Dr. Taylor exhibited throughout his long and illustrious career at the University of Toronto. Dr. Bryce Taylor, former Surgeon in Chief at the University Health Network and Associate Chair in the Department of Surgery, has been described as being a naturally gifted clinical surgeon and educator with a reputation  for mentoring students, residents, fellows and, in particular, faculty.  Dr. Taylor was known for providing sage advice and counsel to countless medical professionals. He was considered, by all accounts, to be the quintessential role model for professionalism in surgery and trained generations of surgeons.


Drs. Bryce and Greig with 2002 Fellows and Faculty
Front: Chuck Vollmer, Ian McGilvary, Elijah Dixon
Back: Bernie Langer, Bryce Taylor, Steve Gallinger, David Grant, Mark Cattral, Paul Greig